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Survey: What Fleets Consider When Choosing Suspensions

Along the bumpy roads that move freight from origin to destination, fleets try to make sure that their cargo, and drivers, are not feeling every pothole in the pavement. In this month’s edition of Survey Says, we asked our readers all about their suspension...

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Replacement Tire Costs Increased 8% in 2018

Like-for-like replacement tire prices for passenger vehicles increased on average 8% in calendar-year 2018 compared to CY-2017. For the purposes of this study, passenger vehicles are defined as cars, SUVs, crossovers, and minivans. A key reason for the price increase...

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Maintenance Spend Increased 3-5% in 2018

During calendar-year 2018, passenger vehicle maintenance expenses increased 3-5% year-over-year compared to CY-2017, primarily driven by an increase in labor rates, parts cost, and replacement tire prices. For the purposes of this study, passenger vehicles are defined...

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3 Trends in Dump Trailers

In the past, a heavy-duty dump trailer simply needed to be tough enough to survive grueling construction sites and everyone was generally pretty pleased. But today, market demands, economic concerns, and changing fleet preferences dictate new designs and materials...

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