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Future Fleet Management Trends

The automotive industry is in the midst of undergoing changes that will greatly impact the future of fleet management as we know it. While certain developing technological concepts such as autonomous vehicles aren’t anything fleets need to immediately worry over,...

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How is the Growth of E-Commerce Affecting Trucking?

Some of the issues of most concern to the industry, such as the driver shortage, hours of service, and truck parking, are affected by the growth of e-commerce and omni-channel marketing. The American Transportation Research Institute released an analysis of these...

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5 Ways Truck Drivers Can Prevent Cold-Weather Calamity

Winter can be very unforgiving. Every year we read about drivers who perish in their trucks during extended road closures where the driver goes off the road or runs into impassable conditions. It can be hours or sometimes days before help arrives. Would you or your...

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What’s New In DOT Compliance for Work Truck Fleets

In an industry that endures a constant stream of regulatory changes, more revisions are always brewing. When commercial driver’s licenses first became federally required in the 1980s, the industry survived. When more changes rolled out in the decades after — annual...

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Increased Truck Driver Pay Lowers Turnover Rates in 2018

American Trucking Associations released its quarterly turnover rate numbers for the trucking industry, showing a decline of 11 percentage points in the third quarter for large truckload carriers. This puts turnover at 87% for large truckload carriers, the lowest point...

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