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The Rising Importance of Fleet Managers

When we finally get there, they say we won’t own autonomous vehicles (AVs), we’ll summon them as needed and pay for their usage. Deploying millions of AVs owned and managed by organizations, not individual consumers, will be a permanent, societal paradigm shift toward fleets…

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How Truck Drivers Can Fit in Fitness on the Road

Most truck drivers believe there’s no time or space to fit fitness into their lifestyle. True, a truck cab is tight quarters. And there’s no denying a trucker’s workday consists of long hours and a demanding schedule. But in reality, drivers do have the time and space to fit fitness in, and it’s more important than ever that they do. It’s up to trucking companies to realize this and create a supportive culture that encourages movement and exercise.

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Texas Begins Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign

In Texas, one in five crashes involve distracted driving which is among the reasons why The Texas Department of Transportation has launched “Heads Up, Texas,” a campaign to discourage driver distractions, according to a KCBD report.

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